when appearance is everything.



About Psyclone Media, Inc.

Corporate Information

Founded in 2003, by Christopher Pernice, the company continues to grow and is recognized for its distinctive visual solutions for marketing and advertising. Our team's creative and technical flexibility have helped provide a number of solutions for a broad range of clients. From exciting start-ups and entrepreneurs to internationally recognized brands, our team is always eager to work on the best projects with the best clients.

Our company mission is simple; Appearance is everything.

Our Difference

We are committed to and believe design makes the difference. Design helps create contrast between you and your competition. It can help clarify your message. Great design makes a difference in your success. Our clients can always expect us to deliver a superior product. The technology we use is always the latest and most advanced. We think outside the box.

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our team.

Christopher Pernice


Founder | CEO

Larry Ward


Founder | CFO

Jeremy Weiland


Core Developer

Joann Amoroso


Adam Bailey


Core Developer

joseph Milazzo


Lead Designer

Alfred Accettura


Lead Illustrator



We make our clients happy!



Psyclone Media's main focus is design. All of our artists have been schooled in both traditional and modern design techniques.

We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to any style needed. Print, Web, CD-ROM, DVD, Application Interfaces and packaging design are among the various design projects we have successfully completed.

Web Development

Software isn't single-handedly created by smart programmers; only the code is. That's why our clients are contributing partners in the process of software development, from whiteboard to life-cycle maintenance. Your unique vision and business expertise are indispensable components of successful software, so we work with you to translate your ideas into user-friendly, expressive applications. Let us bring our results-oriented development methodology and experience with agile platforms like Ruby and Rails to bear on your next project.

Structure CMS

Clean, professional, goal-oriented website management system focused on building stronger, more effective business online.

Structure CMS™ is a multi-domain advanced Web Management system that is built on Web 2.0 principles. The Structure CMS™ allows computer novices to manage ALL aspects of your organizations Internet operations. Take a look at our portfolio to see our solutions at work.

Psyclone Email

Psyclone Media's E-mail marketing software is fully featured and was engineered for the political campaign and issue advocacy market.

The biggest advantage of Psyclone E-mail Marketer is its complaint management capability. E-mail delivery is complicated and often frustrating. Shared IP E-mail delivery solutions such as Constant Contact or iContact have very low tolerance for spam complaints and will cut off services abruptly.

The campaign world moves fast and timely delivery of campaign messages means everything. We manage the complaints, deal with the ISP’s on your behalf and fight your spam complaint battles – keeping your E-mail delivery virtually uninterrupted.


Brand Creation

Identity is who you are; it is how you are seen amongst your competitors. Your corporate Identity directly affects all areas of your business and is a vital role in your potential customer's overall view of your business. Having a strong consistent look and feel over all of your communication and marketing projects is the first step to building your brand and identity thus creating a solid image of your company. Your Web site, brochures, ads and all other materials should be created in a manor that keeps with the consistent styles and design of your brand, thus enabling customers to instantly identify with your message and way of thinking.

Identities have simplified through the years to adjust to the faster pace of our culture. TV, movies and video games all compete for the shorter attention spans of the population by advancing visual effects and packing their products with action and excitement. In this environment your identity and branding not only has to stand out but it needs to be simple enough that it is recognized in the time you have the attention of the viewer.

Psyclone Media will work with you to discover your target market and create a customized corporate identity that honestly reflects your company.

We start with your logo or word mark.
The logo is the first thing a person sees, it’s the first representation of your company. This is where your identity starts if it is not great it could be where it ends. With the mixed media culture we live in your logo needs to be readily available to collateral such as business cards, stationary and envelopes as well as simpler things like fax sheets and billing statements. You need to be able to use your logo on the web, on mobile, in video and other digital media. This is just where we are today who knows where technology will take us, wherever that may be Psyclone Media will create an unforgettable logo that matches your company's vision.

Remember appearance is everything.

The Process.



We listen to your needs and ideas, ask questions about your target audience and desired results then formulate a concept that will meet and deliver on time.



Psyclone Media's designer, illustrators & media creatives will produce a work of art for your sences to take the concept to the next level.



After the creative is approved, we develop the project to its final stage. We add the polish that brings the process to life.



3 - 2 - 1 Take off. We pay close attention to the launch of your campaign making sure to maximize the results of the launch.



Structure CMS Managed Website

Client needed a professional content managed website designed, programmed and launched with in a very tight deadline. Studio Psylone, Inc. delivered the final project with time to spare.

Client: LIQUID HOLDINGS       Date: 05/10/2014

American Dream

Psyclone Media, Inc. completed all Design, illustration, animation, voice over, audio recording and all post production on this Housing Finance Reform campaign for AEI.org.

Client: Political Media       Date 2012

Political Media, Inc.

Psyclone Media, Inc. it the exclusive media design and production shop for our sister company, Political Media, Inc.. Together with PMI we maintain a niche in the political marketing & design arena. Our clients include Super PACs, PACs, Congressional & Senetorial Candidates and various other political organizations. Please contact us for references.

Client: Political Media, inc.       Date: on-going

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DESIGN STUDIO: 4940 Merrick Road, Massapequa Park, NY 11762 | 516.620.4509.